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Monday, March 5, 2007

If at first you don't de-stress, try, try again

Ever since I became a mom of 2, my ability to handle stress has just gone completely out the window. But I liked this list that comes from BYU Magazine. It wasn't so much that I got "A-ha!" moments from the items on the list, but the reasoning behind them was interesting to read.

Michael L. Maughan, Coordinator of BYU’s Stress Management and Biofeedback Lab offers a few tips to keep your stress under control:

1. Exercise. Just moving your body on a regular basis, whether it’s walking or some other form of more structured exercise, will go a long way to relieving stress.

2. Eat nutritious food. It may sound simple, but your body needs energy to confront the challenges of everyday life, and a well-balanced diet will help provide that energy and lower your stress level.

3. Get adequate sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, your tolerance for everyday stressors decreases. Little things that wouldn’t normally bother you start to wear on your nerves.

4. Hope for, rather than expect, things to happen a certain way. When you set up expectations for people and situations, you set yourself up to be disappointed, which causes a great deal of stress. So instead of expecting things to go your way, hope that they will and be prepared to deal with the reality that they might not.

5. Do something permanent each day. Going through the motions of life can be stressful, because you can begin to feel like you do things one day (wash dishes, clean, complete tasks at work) only to wake up and do them again the next day. To combat this, do at least one thing every day that will last. Write in your journal, teach a child a skill, give service, read something new and share it with someone, make something that can be used and enjoyed, or create a work of art. You will gain a sense of satisfaction from doing something that will last beyond tomorrow.

The first 3 are like, "Well duh." But seeing it in a different context (i.e. save stress rather than lose weight) makes it a tad bit more motivating for me. That last one, #5 was definitely my favorite. Why do I resist those day-to-day things that make every day feel like groundhog day (wash the dishes, exercise, make dinner, clean up all the toys again and again) in favor of things that will stick around for a while, like reading a book, doing a craft, or even writing notes to friends or writing blogs seem like they will last longer than a clean kitchen. But I like the idea of a compromise that you will give yourself a break from the more monotonous stuff by doing one permanent thing per day.

Speaking of which, here are some crafty things. My favorite card that I made for upcoming card exchange club and a bow I made for Mia.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on resisting stress.

5 Happy Things
  1. It's been 2 weeks since I was at church. I am so thankful for being able to go yesterday and hear people talk about Christ. Especially great that it was testimony Sunday.
  2. Oh the other day we went to eat at Pane e Vino and they had printed out my blog post about that restaurant and put it up on the hostess stand!! I think it was higher up on the google search for that restaurant than their actual restaurant website. Funny! They said it was their first review.
  3. Speaking of good restaurants, we recently got to eat at ANOTHER new one here in Lorton, My Karma Indian Bistro on Lorton Market Street. It was delicious! We are still in shock that we live in LORTON and can go out our door, drive for 30 seconds and eat awesome Indian food!! And they have LASSIS!!!!!!!!!!! (The best are mango, of course, but this place even has strawberry.) The next closest Indian restaurant to us DOESN'T have Lassis, and it is a lot less classy than this place. I would highly recommend eating at My Karma!
  4. Yet another happy thing that has to do with food in Lorton-- Have you ever heard of these places where you go and assemble these awesome gourmet meals for your family, like 8 at a time and take them home & freeze them...? Well, a place that does that opened up here down the street from us. They are called Corner Cuisine & so far we really like the food. And the convenience, I can't even describe it. But hey- do me a favor, would ya? Let me know if you go there, because I get $10 off my next order for referring someone, and YOU get $10 off as well!
  5. I heart the babysitting co-op. This week we did home improvement. I'll post pictures when it gets done & is prettier. But since I don't have a coat closet or a mud room, we installed a bunch of hooks for bags & coats with souped up bulletin boards for pictures & artwork.

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