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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

AI Follow Up

Blake Lewis (video #2 below) was my favorite. No surprise there. But I WAS surprised that I LOVED Sanjaya Malahar's performance (video #1 below)! I know most of us are on the same page that his singing talent is embarrassing all of America that he is even still on the show & that there has got to be this renegade segment of society that is voting for him. BUT... pretend you were at an American Idol live concert where they sang the same songs that they sang on the show. Snore, snore, snore... UNTIL Sanjaya's entertaining version of Kinks' You Really Got Me Now. Didn't it make you want to get up and dance? And I actually thought his voice sounded really good! In a rock star type of way. No embarrassment for America, there. And for those of you who missed it last night, pay attention to this little girl with pigtails that they kept showing. She was so excited to be watching American Idol that she was just BAWLING!!!!! I was laughing so hard at the crying girl, I could have peed my pants. Sigh!!!!!!!! It was a good TV night.

5 Happy Things (I figure I owe you another one since yesterday was a bit pathetic.)

  1. See video number 1. I still chuckle & chuckle. The crying girl! Oh my gosh!
  2. See video number 2. I am probably trying to feel young & relive my pre-teens, but between his beatboxing & his breakdancing, I could watch it again & again. (Ok, I know I'm acting 12, but I highly recommend clicking on the Blake video!) Oh!! Also, another funny moment at the end of the Blake video where Ryan Seacrest breakdances & beatboxes.
  3. Eating lunch with a friend. I haven't done that in a long time (without kids!!) I almost forgot what that's like to just get to sit & talk and not have to try and stop a 2 year old from dancing on the table & whatnot.
  4. I have a "bye" in my workout schedule today. After yesterday, I sure need the breather.
  5. Yesterday, Eli chose to bring me a book to read to him (instead of watching TV!) as I was lying down with my headache. His eyes & whole face lit up because he was so excited about his book choice. That wide eyed innocence & happiness just makes me want to hug and hug and hug my kids.

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Jen W said...

I must admit we threw a party when we found out we could watch American Idol while here in Turkey(thank you, AFN.) It is always a day later here, so we try not to accidently hear who was voted off before we can watch it on Thursday night. Gotta agree with you about Senjaya's performance this week. We were cheering-"Yeah, you can actually hear him!" But, we actually love him all the time because he has righteous hair. I am married to a bald man in the military- I have to get a hair fix somewhere! :)