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Monday, February 12, 2007

What's In A Name?

I thought I should speak a little bit about the name change on my blog. I had been surfing around on different blogs and all of a sudden it hit me how many creative names people were using to title their sites! My old blog title, "Cardons in VA" was SNORINGLY (I just made that word up) BORING!

As I blog surfed, I found there were blog names that described a person (The Indomitable Optimist, Grammy's Blog, The Blogification of Amy, Suzie Petunia, Concrete Sequential), blog names that described a situation (Starting Anew, See Mommy Run, Single in Salt Lake), blog names that described a place (3rd Floor #20 Life in Stuttgart, Melody's Garden, Paris Daily Photo), blog names that described the blog content (Confessions of an ADD Non-Typist, Tell You [a] Little Story, The Longest Personal Ads Ever), or blog titles that describe ????????? (Replikate, Hogie Wogie, Aunt Marvel Salad).

But I have to say my favorite blog NAME that I came across was Three Beautiful Things. I had already been starting to blog about 5 things that made me happy or that I was grateful for on my own blog, and as I have been reading all these blogs, I realized that I have an opinion about what makes a good blog. Blogs that are fun to read either make you laugh or show you something beautiful about the world. (Ranting posts are definitely allowed in there at times, but for the most part the above rules would apply.)

So it's a lofty goal, and I hope looking for 5 Happy/Grateful things will help me achieve it in part. But I had to write this explanatory note about the name change lest people think that I was trying to describe myself, my situation, my actual life, my writing, or the place where I live. Sorry, but I didn't want to name my blog, "Someone Overweight and Impatient," "Someplace Overcrowded and In Transition," "Something Fraught with Mistakes and Struggles," "Something Amateur and Full of Grammatical Errors," or "Someplace Where There Is Too Much Parental Yelling and Not Enough Fillial Docility."

It's just a goal.

5 Happy Things

  1. Getting some fresh air and finally getting to go on a walk! (I haven't wanted to take my kids in the stroller until now when the temperatures have up until now been in the twenties and with windchill, well below that!)
  2. Getting homemade cards in the mail from my mother-in-law. She has a great way of putting herself into the things she makes.
  3. How happy it made my kids to have waffles for breakfast. Best Mom in the World status for few moments.
  4. The good feeling from throwing a piece of trash away on our walk today. The goal is to pick up one piece of litter per day.
  5. Coming downstairs this morning and seeing the kitchen all clean and the dishes all done. My husband, Chris is soooooooo nice.


Emily said...

You and I read many of the same blogs! Are you friends with Amy, of unlimited tater tots fame?

Suzie Petunia said...

Your blog name seems to describe you just perfectly...not that I know you all that well. But, you can certainly learn a lot about a person from their little corner of the internet. Well done.