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Sunday, February 25, 2007

There's something you have to understand about me

I love ballet. My mom was a dance teacher growing up and she even had her own studio until I was 11 years old. And so I danced a lot! In some of her recitals, I had 10 costume changes! Back then I did tap, jazz, ballet & you name it.

When we moved to San Diego, we tripped upon a studio with a certified instructor from the Royal Ballet Academy of London. They have their own specific curriculum, and even their own style of ballet, differentiated from French or Russian style ballet. So I threw aside other forms of dance and as a pre-teen and teen, ballet was my life. I even got a waiver from P.E. at school because I was already dancing 20 hours a week. The Royal Academy has exams for their students, and our teacher in San Diego even flew examiners out from London... I loved it. I especially loved that our teacher taught us classical choreography from some of the great ballets like Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.

Last Summer when the Royal Ballet of London came to Washington, D.C., performing, of all things, Sleeping Beauty, Chris took me to see it & I sat there & wept as I watched. (The photo above is the Lilac Fairy from Sleeping Beauty, by the way). It was such a beautiful experience. So imagine what a blubbering cry baby I'm going to be when Mia is able to go to her first ballet class.

The other day I caught Mia spontaneously (without knowing it) doing a ballet step called a chassé. See? My mom and I KNEW she was going to be a ballerina!!! She's a natural, already!

5 Happy Things

  1. I get to watch the Oscars tonight. Chris has honored the occasion by offering to make the guacamole he made for the Superbowl. :)
  2. That I got to go to the temple last night. What a peaceful experience. Thank you, babysitting co-op!
  3. My kids & husband have been giving me SO MANY HUGS! I'm taking all I can from my kids because I hear the hugs become a little more scarce as they grow up...
  4. Powdery beautiful white snow this time instead of pure ice.
  5. Sweet & benevolent listening ears. There have been a few people who have probably heard TMI about certain problems I'm facing lately. Why does it always surprise me when people show me they care about me?

1 comment:

Jen Cardon said...

Okay, so, I have been to 1 ballet in all my life, primarily because my room mate--who happened to be a Dance Major, was dating the Male Danceur. If it hadn't been for her explanations of all that was going on, I would have been VERY challenged.
But, I am glad that Mia is having fun, and finding joy in the opportunity to learn new talents and skills! I hope you enjoyed the Oscars! I was too worn out to do much last night! You are great!