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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Taskmaster

I am alive! I promise! Please keep reading and don't give up on me. Eli and Mia are alive, too. I promise a new post tomorrow on their new blog.

Here are the promised photos of our crown molding! I am pleased! For so long we had "off white" walls in that room (the dining room) more like the color of a 7-11 public bathroom (graffiti and all, compliments of our 2 year old). What an improvement with both the blue and the excellent job Home Improvement Master, Chris did on that molding.

Being married to Chris is like a dream in that he can tackle a DIY job like the best of them. Being married to me is like a nightmare because once a big gorgeous project gets done, how do I reward him? With a check off the list and "Yay! That's done. Now you can......." I thought I'd create a little general sympathy out there for Chris by posting my outrageously long honey-do list. Here goes (it's long. don't hold your breath. you can go get a snack in the middle then come back):

  • fix the refrigerator leak (puddles of water on the top shelf! oh no!)

  • put a hook on Eli and Mia's bathroom door for their towels

  • finish the OTHER crown molding

  • re-wire a broken plug that we use often, risking electrocution

  • fix some of my necklaces that Mia ripped off my neck & that I'm too un-mechanical to fix

  • clean out the shed and the backyard storage area

  • prune our front yard tree

  • more painting! (the stairs & upstairs hallway and the upstairs ceiling)

  • teach me how to use my MP3 player (I'm retarded. I can't upload/download or whatever)

  • sell all this crap on e-bay that we have piling up in a closet ("No, don't give that up to Salvation Army! We can get big bucks for it on e-bay!")

  • put lighting in cupboards where I have crystal displayed

  • re-grout everything in the whole house

  • fix a leak under our bathroom sink

  • finish some little stars that we are installing as molding in Eli's room

  • put up more under cabinet lighting in our kitchen

Would you want to be married to me? I wouldn't! I feel so guilty sometimes asking him to do something. And I'm sure I'm forgetting something on that list. And once that's done, I'll think of more. And aha! In the spring/summer there'll be outdoor projects galore! And add to that- helps with dishes, puts the kids to bed every night, does his own ironing... on and on. The thing that shocks and humbles me is his willing attitude. Today at church he spent 2 hours breaking up ice and shoveling the walks and I had to beg and get in a fight with him because he wouldn't LEAVE when church was over! I think I'll devote my 5 Happy Things to him today (but for a bonus he gets 10), because for lack of a better word, he is just the BEST!!

Superlatives About Chris

  1. He is the GREATEST listener

  2. He has the SOFTEST heart of anyone I have ever met

  3. His shoulder is the MOST COMFORTABLE I have ever cried on

  4. He has the MOST BEAUTIFUL blue eyes

  5. He is the one that is LEAST AFRAID of mice and bugs in our household

  6. He is the MOST DEVOTED husband and father, willing to sacrifice and make changes when needed

  7. I feel the MOST SECURE AND SAFE when I am next to him

  8. He KNOWS THE MOST about me, more than anyone else in the world, and loves me anyway!

  9. He is actually the MOST KIND AND POLITE person I've ever known

  10. We have the MOST SIMILAR hopes, dreams and goals, and I hope that he will be the person I will spend the MOST YEARS living with.

I love you, Chris!


deb kress said...

All you have to do is move every two years like us and then you won't worry about fixing up the house- why would you put all that effort into a house you are just going to get rid of?!

Andrea said...

All of your nice comments about Chris have convinced me that he IS the best husband in the world :) Although mine (among many other wonderful qualities) IS the ebay master, so send that junk our way (for a small sellers fee, haha!) I love your kids' blog too!

Jen Cardon said...

I think Chris is a great guy too! He always seemed to pay attention to his Mom and Sisters in his life too--so, that was a good life-prep experience. And, since we always had a room under construction in our home growing up--he learned a lot about remodeling! Dad would play a major role in that teaching experience. We influence each other in the family! Good going Chris!