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Friday, February 2, 2007

Living With Royalty

When I watched The Chronicles of Narnia movie, I was not so much into the fantasy, witch, queen, fawns, talking animals part of it, but I LOVED the movie because I was interpreting it the whole time as an allegory of Christ. I cried all through the death, resurrection and especially the part where the children recieve their crowns. I was thinking of how big and vital our job is to teach our children the gospel. And I hoped so much that my kids would in time gain strong testimonies and be able to pass their tests and trials in life and be valiant! I could totally picture, "King Eli, Queen Mia, well done, thou good and faithful servants!"

So I don't have a tough time picturing them as a little prince and princess, but I DO have a tough time sometimes TREATING them that way. I am working & struggling with being too impatient with them! So I recently read this awesome chapter from The Soft Spoken Parent, and it's good enough to share an excerpt with you all.

Imagine that you own a modest farm in rural Wyoming. You enjoy your work. You make just enough to get by. But one day everything is changed. You get a call from a powerful monarch. The king is inquiring whether you might allow the crown prince to come and work on the farm with you. "We want him to get some experience." You are speechless. "We don't expect you to change the way you live and work. Just be a good farmer and let him learn from you." You mutter a week assent.

Thus it is with parenting. The heavenly King asks us to take a crown prince or princess into our home. At first we are unnerved by the responsibility. but as the weeks and months pass, the duties of the farm eclipse the awesome repsonsibility of mentoring royalty. In time our irritation over spilled milk and neglected chores exceeds our awe of office.

Viewing our parental responsibilities in an eternal perspective should change everything. Could I speak harshly and carelessly to my royal charge? Even after occasions of misbehavior, could I ever fail to see the nobility and potential in the growing child? Could I ever believe that a television program or magazine article was more important than a walk in the fields with the cherished gues? When his or her ideas are silly and childish, would I mock them? Or would I listen, understand, and counsel? In times of trouble would I shrug carelessly or would I beseech heaven with my whole soul in behalf of the errant child?

. . . When the great King calls us Home, we will return with our dear children to his glorious presence. We will sit with him at that heavenly feast. And we will thank him that he entrusted us with some of his dearest children. Then will we all be Kings and Queens to the Most High God.

Things That Made Me Smile Today

  1. Eating Frosted Mini Wheats. We love our sugar cereals in this house.
  2. Eli and Mia "helping" me carry the bulletin board we bought to the car.
  3. Getting a peek of Eli & his classmates taking turns being the groundhog and crawling in and out of the groundhog hole.
  4. When Mia sees me get hurt, she pats my back and says, "Happened, Mommy? It's Ok. It's Ok."
  5. The fact that my dining room walls now make me think of the sky.

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