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Friday, February 23, 2007

Last night at about 5:30 a.m., we were still sleeping when all of a sudden BOOM!!!!! and this brilliant bright light brighter than fireworks, then about 45 seconds passed and another BOOM!!!!! (same blazing flash)... another 45 seconds then BOOM!!!!! 45 seconds... BOOM!!!!! Four huge explosions! Basically, there are power lines about 20 yards from our house, right outside our bedroom window. We were scared to death that our home was going to catch on fire. Someone else called 911 because shortly a fire truck arrived & it looked like someone came out to investigate but no fire. (THANK GOODNESS... are we prepared to grab and go?? No. We don't have a "grab and go" bag or folder of important documents. Nice- the unprepared bad Mormons that we are. Arrgh.)

We were sitting there petrified all morning. So I found this picture & some info about what in the world happened. The above picture is during a tornado & someone captured this on film & figured out that it was a "power flash." So look how bright that is, even though the picture is taken from so far away. Picture it being pitch black and the flash 20 yards from your window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what the web site said about them:
What was that exactly? Most likely, this is an instance of a power line fault. A short circuit, or fault, is occurring at that intersection and is generating an incredibly bright arc of light. While similar in brightness to a stroke of lightning, power line faults are actually quite common — sometimes people call them power flashes. When a tornado passes over a power line, the violent winds will often cause similar power flashes.
I found out that the highest wind speed for yesterday was 35 mph, with the highest gust of 55 mph. I guess that would do it.


Suzie Petunia said...

I would hate to awakened that way! Did your power go out?

Natalie C. said...

Yes, our power went out, but for much less time than I would have expected based on having 4 explosions in your back yard!

Jen Cardon said...

Okay, so you survived the adventure with the Washington DC Sniper, and 911, and I can only imagine that I would be ready to get out of town--considering the first thought in my mind would be some sort of Terrorist Attack!
I'm kind of thinking the 72 hour Emergency Kit would be the next item to get ready and to keep by the door. Good luck with that!