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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy American Heart Month

Well, I just found out that February is American Heart Month. Awwwwwwww. Very fitting. So they are encouraging people to go and get your yearly check ups and be diligent in your healthy eating and exercising.

So I got a Happy American Heart Month present when I went to the doctor and found out that (gulp- are you ready for this) that my cholesterol level is 288 (above 200 is too high) and my triglycerides (another measurement they take to see how at risk you are for cardiovascular trouble) were 1175 (above 150 is too high. yes, I said ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE!!!!) So the doctor was asking me, "Do you eat a lot of fattening food?" "No actually, I don't. I hate fast food. We probably have it less than every 4 months." "Do you eat red meat or fried food?" "No, actually, I don't. I eat low carb, lean meat and vegetables, whole grains, skim milk. And when we have to, we only use healthy oils (and we try to eat salmon, tuna, flaxseed for the Omega-3. And before I went low carb, we ate a lot of vegetarian stuff like soup with healthy bread." And he asked, "Do you ever exercise?" "Ummm yes! I go to the gym, do an hour of cardio, lift weights, sometimes walk outside, pilates, yoga, stationery bike, chase around my kids, clean my house... and I ALWAYS TAKE THE STAIRS!"

I'm not kidding. I really don't think the doctor believed me, but it's true. Now, yes, I miss days of exercising. (Some weeks are more unfortunate than others... but in general... you know!) And I eat desserts. I eat cookies with butter, I eat chocolate. But someone else I talked to said that no human could ever eat enough fat to give them a triglyceride level over 1000. And I'm only 35! If these tests are accurate, it just means my body over-produces this bad stuff for me.

I sort of think they switched my test results with some 70 year old man who eats bacon, biscuits, gravy and donuts for breakfast every morning and hush puppies and fried chicken for dinner.

What is the deal??????????????????????

So on that sad note, I HAVE TO find 5 things I can be happy about.
  1. Lots of American Idol to watch
  2. Warmer sunnier weather
  3. Having had a break from both kids today and being able to eat lunch with friends (Happy Birthday, Shelly)
  4. Although these tests are mind boggling, I FEEL healthy, free from sickness. That's a blessing.
  5. Sometimes people surprise you & let you know they love you. Unexpected nice phone calls from my mom & siblings have been tender mercies lately.

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Jen Cardon said...

Wow! I am amazed at these scores! Since I have dined in your home, and I know how health conscious you are--I am amazed! So, did the Doctor prescribe some things to do to bring these levels down? Because, I think I'd like to know how to do that--hopefully without having to take a lot of drugs! Good luck with that--we want you to be happy, healthy and able to continue blessing many lives!