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Monday, February 5, 2007

Buono Cibo Italiano

Three years ago when we moved here to Lorton, it sent me into a spiraling depression. There was NOTHING within 5 miles of our house that showed signs of modern civilization except for an old depressing shopping center where there are stores like "High's Dairy" which isn't really a dairy, but a check cashing place and who knows what else, but you're not going to find me in there buying milk no matter how urgent the emergency. It was so bad around here! There weren't any sidewalks! Just a tiny 2 lane street with dirt and mud and ditches on the sides. If you tried to walk down the street you risked your life against huge dump trucks that would come barreling down the road & nowhere for you to step aside, so it was impossible to keep up my then hobby of running. I sold my jogging stroller and cried and cried. (The one good thing is that there is a Gold's Gym in the depressing shopping center, which I joined, but it just isn't the same.) I had just come from a beautiful area near Old Town Alexandria where my running route included a beautiful historic park, nice residential homes, a hospital, and a huge plot of land that housed a theological seminary. We were in walking distance to so many great stores and restaurants.

Well, since then, the great news is that Lorton was a blank canvas for developers and they have been busy as bees building and building. We now have a 6 lane street with tons of new traffic lights, a new bridge, tons of beautiful new homes, 2 new shopping centers, a medical center and one more huge medical complex in the works. We bask in the joy of it every time we eat at a local restaurant other than Burger King & McDonalds (ugh! those were the only 2 choices for so long! Even writing their names makes me ill.)

Our favorite place to eat so far was Pane E Vino (on Lorton Station Main Blvd., for you locals.) The place was PACKED. So we learned the hard way that you do need to call ahead to speed up the wait. The atmosphere was great. They looked like they weren't skimping on the decor at all. We took the food home and it tasted EXACTLY like I remember food in Italy tasting! Especially the bread! And tomato sauce that resembles fresh tomatoes more than a jar of Prego. The rest of the story is that we were told we had a 10 minute wait, and that turned into an hour wait, so we let the manager know we were disappointed & had to leave, so he arranged for us to order something to take home compliments of the house. The biggest fault of this place may be that they are a little too well liked. So mostly I just wanted to plug this little family-owned place. I've lived in the area for 10 years & I've never tasted such authentic Italian food. So it's not a Washington Post Food Review, but it's my opinion for what it's worth!

5 Happy Things

  1. Card Exchange Club was tonight. I hosted this month & mostly I'm just glad that it's over with since I was getting the cards and the food ready at the last moment by the skin of my teeth.

  2. I now have a beautiful Valentine's card I can give to my husband and a few I can send out to family!

  3. Watching Mia play. She is rocking baby dolls in her arms, putting them to bed, sometimes cooking food for them and feeding it to them at her little table. All her babies are named, "Ellie," who is a little girl we have babysat a couple of times. My kids apparently thought she was just magical-- the quintessential baby, I guess!

  4. This cinnamon candle I'm burning. Cinnamon's not just for the holiday months, right?

  5. My kids played outside today. Yay!! They actually DO know how to play outside like suburban kids.

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Dave said...

Wow, small world!! I actually used to work with Anthony the Chef of Pane e Vino while he was building his restaurant. I am a gourmet foods Buyer, I am sure he will love to read your review. Thanks for linking my site on your blog and the nice comments.