Something Beautiful or Humorous: Apples that Eli painted

Friday, January 12, 2007

Yet another old picture. This is Amy & me in Philly on a "field trip" for our internships. To prove how old-- the coat & shoes were ones I wore on my mission!!!!
Amy doesn't know this, but this photo was (is) in our wedding video. We had a photo montage of Chris & I growing up and this is one I included because it just embodies how much fun I had at that stage of my life. Sigh. Makes me long for the pre-knee injury & pre-weight-gain years when I could do cabriolets in the air. (I tried one today on my good leg for old time's sake & it was about 1 inch in the air.) Sigh. :)
Snippets of Cardon Life
  • I broke a necklace in a skermish with Mia over getting into the Target shopping cart yesterday. She screamed & screamed and kicked (of course, we only had 5 minutes to pick up something at the store before going to get Eli at Preschool) and finally caught the necklace with her foot or something and there it went.
  • Out of the 4 people who live in this house, 4 out of 4 don't think it's their responsibility to fix dinner for the family. So we've been eating out a lot. Normally, it's not this bad. Chris & I have about a 70/30 agreement. (I make dinner 70 percent of the time, he the other 30 percent). I don't know why, but we're just too tired, lately. The good thing is that we discovered a great little Italian restaurant here in Lorton.
  • We have been able to have some humor in our lives. APPARANTLY, Donny Osmond is a back up dancer in one of Weird Al Yankevic's music videos. This video gave Chris & I quite the chuckle. We're usually not big Weird Al fans, but we DIED laughing at this.

What makes me happy today

  1. I found another long lost friend through the blog connection! Amy O! (See photo above). It's been years & this girl makes me laugh. We taught at the MTC together, then had a blast as interns here in DC, and the last thing I got from her maybe 8 or 9 years ago (ok, it really doesn't seem that long because I am OLD.) was a gorgeous wedding invitation. Then randomly, I found her blog & some entries have literally made me laugh in the middle of the night thinking about them. Like this entry:
  2. A package from came in the mail today. I'm looking forward to listening to a talk on CD called Come Come, Ye Saints, Lessons from the Handcart Pioneers by Heidi Swinton. My sister said it was sooooooooo good.
  3. Warm baths
  4. The feeling of a little kid's head on your shoulder.
  5. Kissing a little bare foot that is about 4 inches long. :)


Suzie Petunia said...

Hello, friend of Amy's! I am Amy's sister. I love that picture of you and Amy. That's how I remember her in her care-free, pre-marriage, kid-less days. She is still loads of fun. I used to work at the front desk at the MTC (around 1995-1997?) You may have picked up a paycheck from me at some point!

emma jo said...

Hey, I'm an Amy sis too...just had to drop a note and tell you what that video is because I love it, it's kind of addicting to watch. It's mesmorizing because its creepy Christopher Walken, but he's dancing. It's called "Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim and you can download it off the internet.