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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

What's On Your Wall?

Because I think it will jinx the whole thing if I share them, I think I'll keep my New Year's Resolutions under wraps or save them for a future blog. But I would love to hear yours & if you leave a comment, maybe it will inspire me to be a better goal setter & achiever (I miss those Young Women's days of being great with goals).

So instead, the topic today is my wall calendar. (Hey, it's still a new year's topic of sorts, right?) I don't have a 2007 calendar yet. Last year we had a Simon Dewey calendar with beautiful pictures of the Savior. The 2 years before that, I had Carl Larsson (my favorite watercolorist from Sweden-- check this site When my mom lived in Europe, she would go to Italy every year & get me Botticelli calendars. Mainly because of indecision, my wall is empty. What kind of 2007 calendar do you have?


kathryn said...

I have abandoned the wall calendar for a 8 x 11 calendar that I can tote with me from room to room. This also turns into a journal for me, as I record on each day a few of our activities. They get saved in a box so if I ever wondered what happened in July 2004 I can refer easily. It's not pretty but it's functional.

Jen W said...

I am weird, I always have multiple calendars. I've trained my husband well. He always gets me a Dave Barry desk calendar so I can have one good laugh a day. Then he gets me a silly calendar that we hang in our bathroom (I'm not sure how that started, I think it had to do with tracking whether I work out or not) this year it is a Jeff Foxworthy Redneck calendar. The one he got for me to hang near the phone is lighthouses. We went to Maine last summer and I fell in love with the New England coast. Happy New Year!