Something Beautiful or Humorous: Apples that Eli painted

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

**By the way, the last blog, 5 Things Readers May Not Know About You is a TAG. It's been going around the blog world. If you've read it, consider yourself tagged. I'd like to hear your 5 things, too.**

Songs I've Had In My Head Lately (all annoying)
  • Wonderpets ("Wonderpets, Wonderpets, we're on our way, let's work together to save the day..." Don't even get me started.) :)
  • Everytime We Touch by Cascada (from the gym)
  • That one song that is just music & no words with a pop/tech-y beat where in the music video a guy in a business suit is dancing all over what looks like an empty office building or hotel lobby... ??? What song is this? If you've been in Gold's Gym for an hour, YOU HAVE SEEN THIS VIDEO. They play it non-stop.
A Great Conversation With Eli

Eli: We were space cadets at gymnastics today. .... Does Jesus live in space?
Me: No, he lives in heaven.
Eli: Jesus can't live in your heart because he has bones. But the Holy Ghost can live in your heart.

Great job, Eli! I can just imagine him confounding the wise at the Baptist preschool by sharing this. :)

A Great Book

I read the first 50 pages of The Soft Spoken Parent, and cried right through it, even at the gym. When Chris got home & the kids were to bed, I read him what I read, and he cried, too. A quote: "Society may excuse-- even encourage and model-- smart-alecky, diminishing, and sarcastic attacks on people. God condemns all of it." It's all about parenting without anger, condemning, judging & hurting your kids. And anger hurts you, too. We have been too lax in this in our home. I'm looking forward to the positive domino effect of getting rid of as much contention as we can.

5 Happy Things
  1. They took the mound of asphault rocks away from our sidewalk! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like throwing a party! Come on over and walk on our sidewalk!
  2. No appointments on the calendar for today. Preschool's over- no more rushing.
  3. Card exchange club coming up. That will be fun.
  4. Working furnaces!! How biting that cold is out there & how wonderfully comfortable inside. (With windchill it's 28 out there.)
  5. 2 rooms of crown molding! I thought I was just getting one. But while Chris was borrowing all the equipment, he decided to crown our living room, too. With being a weekend warrior, it may be a while, but I'm so excited.


Jenny said...

I constantly have that Wonder Pets song in my head too! It's the kids new favorite show. Dave is ready to shoot Ming Ming though!

Jenny said...

Sorry, I had to add another comment. I went back to your blog page and Emma walked in the room and saw your picture of the Wonder Pets. "Wonder Pets!!!" she screamed. She was so excited! Thanks for making her day with your creative blogging.

Jen Cardon said...

Hi Family!
I loved Eli's comments--he not only knows what really happens at gymnastics--which I agree some of the kids were space cadets at one time or another during the session I saw--but, he knows the Gospel Doctrine regarding both the nature of God and keeping the Sabbath Day holy! Kudos to him and the parents! Love to all! Jen

Anonymous said...

thanks for the book recommendation, can't wait to read it. Matthew was excited about seeing Wonder Pets on your blog. I LOVE wonder pets because my kdis adopt "teamwork" as their anthem and sing it while doing lots of things together...mostly building forts etc. They all 3 take on the roles, it's a team building experience.

Kathryn said...

that last comment was from me!

Amy Lynn said...

I can't believe we have found each other! It is all so bizarre because just a couple of days ago I found your wedding announcement in a drawer I was going through and I sat and looked at your picture and missed knowing where you were and what you were doing! You went to law school???? And you are living in D.C? We obviously have a LOT of catching up to do! I love your blog. And your children are gorgeous! More, more, more!