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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Little Beeps

We went to the Botanical Gardens last week for my birthday. This is a photo of the beautiful main courtyard full of beautiful plants and especially poinsettias with the capital sculpture in the background. It's made of all natural plant materials! Gorgeous! Sorry the kids weren't cooperating enough to be photogenic at that moment.

Little Beeps, or Mia Bobia (then we just started just calling her Bobia, then it went to Bo-beepsa, Meepsa, then it was just Beeps... so now you know where these strange nicknames came from!) Well, Beepsa's been in the spotlight, lately, for good and for bad...
The bad first: The other morning I was upstairs for a minute & Mia had been contentedly watching TV. But unfortunately, she couldn't resist the temptation to go up to the TV and press the buttons that are usually forbidden and who knows what she did pull, push, hang in it... when I came down, the TV was face down on the floor! It had fallen from the shelf and I was just THANKING Heavenly Father that Mia didn't get hurt & our TV was actually ok, too.

The good: a few days ago Mia went pee in the potty for the FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! There's been a lot of whooping and cheering and clapping up there in the bathroom every time she goes. (She's gone twice). Well, I'm obviously not saying ok I'm done she's potty trained, yet. But at least she knows how & what it's for & that's really great. Eli was so cute. Several minutes after Mia had gone for the first time, he was still basking in the happiness of it. He said, "I'm just so glad Mia went potty!!!!!!!!!!!" How cute to have a brother out there cheering for you.
Happy & Thankful
  1. I woke up this morning with a soft breeze. Our blinds were up & we had slept the whole night comfortably with the window open. The sun was just bright and cheery. It was beautiful.
  2. Today I'm looking forward to seeing Dream Girls which people have said is so great. It will be fun to see what the culture and fashion will imitate for a long time to come & it will be fun later to watch the oscars to see if our little American Idol finalist will get an OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take that all the rest of you Idol winners! Take that Simon!
  3. I had an experience that showed me the Lord's Tender Mercies toward me. I was having a really bad night and suddenly an email popped up from someone I don't normally hear from who said they were having a quiet moment and I came to their mind & wanted to know if I was doing ok. Wow. How amazing that Heavenly Father really does know who I am and hears my prayers.
  4. The thought of 11:00 church instead of 9:00. That is a good thought for us! Yes, our kids will pretty much have to eat their lunches during sacrament, but at least we might make it on time for the sacrament now! Yay!
  5. That I can finally use my computer!! We broke our keyboard & Chris got a new one (wireless keyboard & mouse). But it was a nightmare because it took you 1 hour just to type 5 sentences because there were so many keys that would stick. The mouse would stop working every time the computer went into screensaver mode. On top of it all, our cox cable was deciding to not give us internet access. I was pulling my hair out. And NOW FINALLY we have it all fixed. YAY!

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