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Sunday, January 21, 2007

If I could write the rules

Because I have at times been depressed because I don't get all A+'s in the "Perfect Mom" and "Perfect Housekeeper" categories, I was really excited when I realized that I DO faithfully keep ONE rule out there for good motherhood: Read to your kids each day (20 min./day is the goal). It was something I was already doing & didn't have to go through the whole process of feeling guilty, deciding to change & making a plan (and I would pessimistically add: and then failing.) It felt SO NICE to be already faithfully following a rule out there, that I decided to make my own list of rules so I could get more A+'s. (My perfectionist friends are going to cringe. Actually, some are good & some are questionable. But remember, they're MY RULES! Who writes those other rules, anyway?)

  • Check email & read & write blogs often.
  • Watch American Idol live & don't even Tivo it. :)
  • Get up as late as possible & time the trip to preschool to the minute.
  • Let the husband put the kids to bed every night
  • Put a bow in your little girl's hair every day
  • Take naps whenever possible
  • Keep the car free of garbage & papers (but not necessarily crumbs, fries & chicken nugget bits)
  • Brush & floss teeth, use Listerine.
  • Go to Enrichment
  • Eat a little dessert every day

5 Happy Things

  1. Staying in on a snowy day.
  2. Having just gotten groceries yesterday, being able to find an ingredient today whenever I looked for one.
  3. I like the cold temperatures. It's kind of nice to get some mileage out of the winter coats.
  4. I know I said this yesterday, but I am really, really, really happy Chris made dinner tonight instead of me. I'm just a bit tired.
  5. It's almost the kids' bedtime. Counting the minutes...


Andrea said...

I LOVE your rules!! And I always love reading your "Happy Things" - makes me feel more grateful for the little things too!

jenny said...

I love your rules too! Especially about your car because I'm trying to make the same rule. Just getting the big stuff out is a chore for me! I love your blog. Your to me are the supermom I aspire to be.

Emily said...

I am happy to say that your rules are all my rules, too! Except I don't care if I don't put a bow in my daughter's hair. My rule is Don't Let Other People Make Me Think I Need to Put a Bow in My Daughter's Hair, but it's great if your rule is to do it. Other than that one, we are the same person!

Natalie C. said...

Emily, heck yeah. The whole point about the rules post is to "Don't Let Other People Make Me Think I Need to" do anything. But since I like bowmaking, this rule for me would be the same as a rule that said, "eat a donut every day."