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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eye Candy

I had the most wonderful time last night click-click-clicking away at a bunch of blogs. I found the coolest blog called Paris Daily Photo which started a bunch of other blogs. Basically, it's a photo a day from a city. So I looked for blogs from every city I've lived in:

  • Salt Lake City, UT- conspicuously missing from the list! Someone needs to do this!!!!
  • San Diego, CA
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Jönköping, Sweden (nope, but try Stockholm or Haninge)
  • Dumfries, VA (OF COURSE THEY DON'T HAVE ONE...) but it's close enough to Washington, DC
  • Provo, UT (can't find anything! But I swear I would check it every day if someone would start one!)
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • They didn't have any for the other cities I lived in Finland, (Haaga, Vaasa, Kotka, Turku, Espoo), but they did have Joensuu, Oulu, and Vantaa.
  • Alexandria, VA (there are actually two)
  • Lorton, VA- well, this could be a challenge for someone. Maybe my blog kind of counts if I take a picture of my beautiful kids every day.

5 Things That Made Me Happy Today

  1. Some gorgeous, gorgeous photos of Finland, where I served my mission. Clicking here and here will make your day, too. Click here for photos of the new LDS Temple in Helsinki. I could spend hours looking at all of these.
  2. Watching this guy dance.
  3. Eating at Robeks.
  4. Planning a baby shower.
  5. Progress on our dining room/play room decor. MAYBE next week we'll have pictures. A quote from Eli, just to prove that there's been something going on in the home improvement department: "When I get big like Daddy, I'm going to do caulking and spackling."


Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie,

Greetings from Kotka Finland!
I couldn't find a page/blog with daily pictures of Kotka either, but would love to put a word in for a website of our parks at

Katja from Kotka

Kathryn said...

Mia looks darling. Quite a milestone that first haircut.

The CVS hand sanitizer is great, except when someone pours it on the dining room table!

Hope you are having a good day!