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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Can you stop the evil germs?

A new product I like: instant hand sanitizing spray. The reason I like it is that I can spray a little on shopping carts where Mia would put her hands. Admittedly, Mia found new places to put her hands all over the place & I was using the entire container, but it's better than nothing, right? I try to be really vigilant with Mia about hand sanitizing after the daycare at the gym or after nursery, because she sucks her thumb & no germs escape her. (We keep the sanitizing gel in the car & try to remember to wash her hands right away after those types of things.)

I bought like 4 bottles of the stuff and the other day, I almost sprayed down the entire play space in Jiffy Lube as we were waiting for our oil change. Then I decided against it just to be civil to the other waiting room occupants. Spraying down all the chairs in the room that Mia was touching seemed a bit anti-social.

Speaking of Jiffy Lube, I have had such nightmare experiences with them. (They have broken my oil dipstick twice! Once this last time, and the time before, they kept me there for 3 hours with little 2 year old Eli while I was pregnant with Mia!!!!!!!!!! I finally screamed at someone to at least drive us to McDonalds so we could eat!) I feel really miserable continuing to take my business there again and again, but I simply don't know where else to go. (?) To you locals: where do you take your car for oil changes other than JL?

5 Things that make me happy

  1. Over the counter medicine. I think we're probably pretty spoiled with being able to fix almost every little ailment.
  2. Wearing sweats at home.
  3. Reading books with good plots. (very into East of Eden right now)
  4. New gym shoes! Yay! (I'm usually pretty brand loyal to Saucony, but this time I got Mizuno. Anyone had experience with this brand?)
  5. I love my little kids. I'm happy I'm their mom.


Shelly Astle said...

I've had a hard time finding an oil changing place I love around here. I used to go to Lube It on Commonwealth Ave in Alexandria. And I loved their service and their price. But I only go there now if I'm going to be in the neighborhood. (Of course it give me a good reason to go to Great Harvest Bread too).

I have gone to the repair shop in the Shopper's center at Beulah and the parkway and they did a great job for a good price. But it's a general service shop so they might not get to your car right away. We just dropped off the car, but that doesn't work if its just you.

I've gone to Jiffy Lube too, but they are too pricey for me.

Sorry, I'm not much help!

Julie said...

Hi natalie...I go to the drive through mobil in kingstowne because it is quick and you don't even have to get out of the is worth the price...not sure, but i think it may be cheaper than JL. They are always nice and not too pushy about buying extras. This is the second time I have checked out your blog and I love it...I am trying to find time to get ours going :)

Jen W said...

We always went to Yates in Kingstowne. It is attached to the gas station in the shopping area across from Giant and Blockbuster and KFC (all the places I am starting to miss.) We have had bad experiences at Jiffy Lubes in other states, too. Good Luck!

Jenny said...

Believe it or not Dealerships usually have pretty cheap prices on oil changes. I've always found them comparable to Jiffy lube type places on price but the service is way better! CHeck out your local dealer.