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Sunday, December 31, 2006

When Can You Ponder?

I had a chance to go to the temple yesterday. We couldn't get a babysitter, so I decided to go alone because I felt that I really needed the blessings. There were a few stretches of time before, after and during a pause in the session when it was silent and I could just ponder. I know we are encouraged to make time to ponder & I have basically just heard it and sighed, thinking "oh that's one of those things that doesn't happen to people with small kids." And I was pleasantly surprised with the opportunity to quietly ponder how much my family and the gospel meant to me. On the way home, I happened to listen to a conference talk on CD that was about the blessings of temples. Actually the talk was titled Temples Are For Families. (see the full talk by clicking on the link below and going into the Saturday Morning Session Talks. ) We are promised that "When you come to the temple you will love your family with a deeper love than you have ever felt before." I actually felt an immediate fulfillment of that promise as my heart ached as I sat there in the temple missing them & couldn't wait to get back to them. But I know I came back a better person. Thank you to my sister, Hillary, who encouraged me to go!

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