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Monday, December 11, 2006

Today I'm thankful for:

  1. Gorgeous weather. My playground-deprived kids got to play on our neighborhood's playground today. It was just delightful to be outdoors. We had all 4 windows open while driving around this morning. People with convertables should have had the tops down!
  2. A LITTLE more time and a LITTLE less rush now that Super Saturday is over. It really does feel like a relief.
  3. Mucinex, sudafed, eccinacea, goldenseal, zycam, tylenol & Afrin. We all have colds here. But I know my cold drugs. I am the queen of upper respiratory infections & those drugs & herbs are the only way to go, especially Mucinex (prevents colds turning into sinus infection), goldenseal (reduces excess mucus production) and zycam (really works- reduces length & severity of a cold). Oh yeah, while I'm handing out advice, drink lots of liquids & if you get a cough, DelSym is the best. And if you do get a sinus infection, rest is the only cure.
  4. Chris stayed up late last night and did the dishes & put away all the kids' toys. It really boosted my morale this morning. That and caffeinated soda. (I wish I was a willing early-riser.)
  5. Christmas lights & Christmas smells. The lighted garlands & our 2 Christmas trees cheer me up every day when they go on. Making cookies the past few days has made our home smell so good! And then there are the candles- cinnamon and evergreen smells (because we don't have a fresh tree, but I LOVE how they smell!!!!!).

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