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Sunday, December 10, 2006

To Do Lists

MOM-This picture is for you. :) This is the dress that I sewed for Mia. (Remember on the phone-- how do I cover this mistake? How do I fix that mistake?) I never sent you a picture, so here it is. Doesn't she look like a little princess in it?

I had read in some friends' blogs about "The List," meaning the big long To Do List to get ready for Christmas. Well, I am TOTALLY a "list person." And when I read that, I wondered why I didn't have a Christmas To Do List. And the reason is that the Christmas stuff has just become enmeshed in my normal every day lists. But only the urgent stuff or the forseeably possible stuff is on the To Do List. Well, a little bit ago, I wrote about how I WISH my Christmas would go, and that wasn't a to do list, it was a WISH LIST. Big difference.

But to my delight, I think one item from the wish list has made it to the real to do list. I have found a way to make treats for neighbors & friends that doesn't stress me out & involve hours and hours of slaving in the kitchen. And again, it's thanks to She had a series of recipes called the 12 Days of Cookies. Well, I made one batch for the Super Saturday & they were delicious and easy. And we even had leftovers to give to 2 neighbors. To spread the cookie making over 12+ days is very do-able and it will be fun for my kids, too. So I guess I'm not TOO disappointed that weight watchers will be on the back burner for a while. (I'll be exercising a lot, though!)

Today I'm thankful for:

  1. Sweet little Mia will go to preschool one day a week next January. I am excited for her. Every day when we drop off and pick up Eli, she runs into the classroom and starts participating with the kids. She'll love it.
  2. I got an early birthday present, an MP3 player. I know, I feel behind the times that I'm just now getting one, but I can't wait to put some favorite music on it and also radio show archives on it. (I love This American Life (NPR) and The Fly Show (World Talk Radio).) It should make all my time in the gym more fun.
  3. Great teachers & talks at church today. I especially liked Jeff Bailey's talk and Lanni Brisson's lesson. (There might have been good speakers before Jeff, but we were so late, we only heard Jeff!) The Sunday school lesson was great as well. It's neat to hear peoples' comments that know a lot about Second Coming doctrine.
  4. A cleaned up yard. Sweet Chris worked hard yesterday while I was at the craft day and cut down all the dead flowers and mowed the grass.
  5. That Eli loves art and music. If he could do art projects every minute of every hour of every day, he would. I am excited for Eli to get a little older & he can start piano & other instrument lessons. He got a little guitar for his 4th birthday that he had asked for since he was just barely 3! Michelle Grigg will start guitar lessons with him after the holidays. I just think that developing those talents will really bless his life & the lives of others. So I'm glad that he is showing so much interest.

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