Something Beautiful or Humorous: Apples that Eli painted

Saturday, December 23, 2006

This is a scan of an old and scratched picture from almost 10 years ago! It's my good friend, Kathryn Baer (now Newman) and me in Central Park, NYC. She and I both loved NY and went up there at least a couple (? or was it only the once?) President's Days when we were in the singles ward together. Now she married a guy who works for a PR firm in NY and she has the dream life of being able to live in the suburbs and go into the city anytime to enjoy the sites. Unfortunately for me, marrying Chris has broken my streak of yearly NY trips. We've got to get up there sometime soon.
She is one of those friends who you click with when you're together, and you go your separate ways, but later find out, you haven't been on different wavelengths, and you could probably just pick up where you left off. In her husband's Christmas letter, he described her as: "In all of her spare time, Kathryn has become a blogger... she... gets to the gym several times each week, and feels that the DVR is an even better invention than the... Transformers-style Christmas Tree." That could have described me right now, as well. We've kept in touch through Christmas cards, but it's been a while since I knew what she was up to on a day-to-day basis. When I found out she had a blog, I was ecstatic. I spent the last few hours reading the entries in her blog since August! What a treat. I was uplifted, amused, gathered a few recipes, and even applied a few of her toddler survival tips today.
What a blessing that the whole world is getting "global." Technology helps in so many ways. Sure, we don't have to travel to Salt Lake City to hear General Conference anymore, but more applical to me right now, I can have regular contacts with a friend & a supermom-mentor without living in the same city. Woo hoo! How fun. Merry Christmas, Kath, if you're reading this!


Stephanie said...

Hi Natalie
I have been having trouble with my blog comments, and only just found the lovely comment you left about my angel. Thankyou!
I make the angels by applying tiny pieces of ripped papers - mostly handmade paper - onto a heavy card surface. It is time consuming, but absorbing. And the words are rub-ons.
A glass finish paint brings it all together.

kathryn said...

Natalie, thank you for your kind words--I appreciate it so much! Sounds like your Christmas was great. Here's to lots of blogging in 2007!