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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Some Surprise Santa Pictures

Earlier this month, Santa came to our ward party, but we had forgotten our camera. These just came to us by email from the Andersons! They were so thoughtful & took a bunch of pictures of all the ward kids with Santa & emailed them to everyone. It was like an early Christmas present. :) Mia thought Santa was horrifying. Eli was excited. Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas & Eli said, "A candycane." Suddenly so easy to please. :)

I uploaded a short video of Eli singing at his preschool Christmas program. You can view it for the next 2 days (until my 3 day free trial expires) at If you have a Mac, let me know & I'll find another way to help you view it. (Neptune doesn't have Mac capability, apparantly). I'm pretty new at this, so forgive the unprofessionalism.

5 Things I'm Grateful for:
  1. That I still have kids with little sweet puffy cheeks. I will miss those when they grow up!
  2. Having a girl (I knew my chances were so slim since the my side of the family only has 3 granddaughters (including Mia) out of 12 and on Chris' side 2 out of 12). I just love dressing her up and buying her dolls & play kitchen stuff.
  3. Good examples of parents from both my parents and my in-laws. It gives us such a good foundation for a marriage & family.
  4. Meeting real and genuine people every once in a while. People who know who they are & don't apologize for it.
  5. The peace of conscience from following the prophet's counsel. Although I have so many areas I need to improve, those areas are sometimes harder to measure. Other areas are easier to measure like tithing, not seeing rated "R" movies, or only having one earring in each ear. Right now I'm thankful I've chosen to stay home with my kids. At times the alternative is tempting for me. I'd get the validation and feeling of importance from putting deadbeat dads behind bars. I'd get to wear suits every day and make court appearances. I'd get enough income to put us into a single family home instead of our humble little 2 level townhome. Even though the idea is there for me to toy around with every once in a while, I have complete peace that I'm doing the right thing for my family by being a stay home mom.

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