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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Some Articulated Observations About Women after reading Anna Karenina

  • Most of us want & long for children, whether we realize it/admit it or not.
  • I think it's a big character flaw to actually not want children.
  • Most of us want to be perfect in every way, including morality. But if you have to pick perfection of one sort or another, it's better to let the appearances go and pick a perfect spirit rather than perfect body/home, surroundings, etc.
  • When you allow bad traits/habits/choices in your life, they come crashing in & overtake you. You can't keep them in control. They're stronger than you are.
  • It's wisest to recognize when your blessed, take it and run with it. If you wanted to, you could create misery for yourself for the rest of your life by deciding never to be satisfied.

Happy Thoughts

  1. The house is clean. Aaaaaahhhh. (No one touch anything!!)
  2. We will go pick up my birthday/Christmas present tonight (crown molding for our dining room) yay!!!!
  3. Chris has the day off tomorrow! I'm looking forward to spending my birthday with my best friend.
  4. Writing/reading blogs & emails makes me happy. I asked Eli what made mommy happy and he said, "The computer."
  5. Done with Anna Karenina. Horrendous book. Just a book about a self-absorbed, immature woman, intent on kicking against the pricks, rebelling against morality and any sense of civilized normal relations, who makes choices that eventually destroy her. She commits suicide in the end. I'm not sure what the point of the whole thing was. True, the book also talks about a man's conversion to Christianity (the character's name is Levin), but the story is so overshadowed by the Anna story that it's not even uplifting. Plus I'm mad at Levin for having a moment of weakness and letting Anna temporarily seduce him, even though it didn't go anywhere, it's still disgusting. I'm just glad it's done! Gone! Back to the library!

One More Thought

Tolstoy had 13 children!! Here's some other stuff I found interesting about Tolstoy's youth: "He had gambled away the house on his family's estate, he had numerous love affairs, bouts with venereal disease and an illegitimate son with a married peasant woman who lived on his estate. Tolstoy was anxious to marry in order to satisfy his physical needs and break off his affair with the peasant woman." Yuck. I'm not anxious to quote him in a sacrament talk anytime soon. That's the reality of who this guy was. But to be fair, the other side is that some say he was an imperfect man with world-changing philosophies and some amazingly philanthropic works, and that I still need to read Resurrection.


Andrea said...

How do you find time to read all of these books? I love to read, but ever since I've had kids I think I've read a book a year!!

Natalie C. said...

Andrea, I mainly read at the gym on the bike, elyptical, treadmill, etc., etc. Or sometimes when Chris is putting the kids to bed, I'll sit down for 1/2 hour and read for a break for myself instead of doing dishes or something like that.

But I'll let you in on a little secret. I listened to the entire book, Anna Karenina on CD in the CAR!! It took me only about 4 months to get through 30 CDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just preschool and back and gymnastics and back and occasional errands & stuff & I do that much driving! So the Erin Olsen book club books I read at the gym & Oprah's book club books I get on CD. I listened to Night by Elie Wiesel on CD, too. It was so good- read by Wiesel, himself. I'm getting another one from Oprah on CD from the library soon, East of Eden by Steinbeck.