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Monday, December 18, 2006

Sneak Peak at our Christmas Card

Here is a sneak peak at the Cardon 2006 Christmas card (front & back). Some of you will get these in your mailboxes a little later this week. Here is the inside text (But prettier. Sorry, I couldn't fix the formatting):

Merry Christmas 2006

This year we are thankful for the beauty, joy and spontaneity of our little children. Our prayer for 2007 is that we may live up to the challenge of parenting, and give an extra portion of the time, attention, and love that our kids crave so much.

Here is a very brief update on each family member:

Graduated with his MBA from George Mason University in May. Yay, Chris!!
© Changed jobs in October (now works for a contractor called SaiTech, and serves the client onsite at the Department of Defense Inspector General’s office). He is getting along great there.
© Works on the computer at work & comes home & works on the computer for fun.
© Good natured dad & husband. Always worried about his family’s happiness.

© Doing quite a bit of running around after the kids & driving the kids places (it has started already!)
© Enjoying crafting, painting, decorating & cardmaking as diversions from the normal day-to-day stuff.
© Still working in the church’s women’s organization heading up the Enrichment program. Enjoying it, although it takes up quite a bit of time and energy.

© Gets up at 7:30 in the morning going 100 mph and only stops under duress at 8:30 bedtime.
© Loves gymnastics and preschool. (He even did soccer this fall!)
© Gives his parents the occasional headache, but mostly is thrilled to be helping and obeying.

© Sings, dances, plays with dolls as much as cars and trucks.
© Looks like a little doll herself in the fun outfits & bows Natalie makes for her.
© Starting to talk and say cute things.
© Gets into a lot of mischief, but pretty much melts her parents’ hearts daily.

We have kept in touch with some of you via our monthly updates. If you wish to “subscribe” and get the more detailed version of our lives, we’d love to add you to our list. Send an email to or Feel free also to check out Natalie’s blog at

We love, value and pray for each of you. Thank you for your friendship and love. We hope that the spirit of Christ will be strong in your homes long after Christmas.

All our love,

Chris, Natalie, Elijah and Emelia Cardon

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