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Monday, December 25, 2006

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Eli and Mia in their Christmas Eve Outfits

5 Things That Made Christmas Great

1. Being able to sleep in (yes, my kids are still small & able to divert from gift opening) AND have an afternoon nap. I have a big sleep debt to pay off from all this getting ready for Christmas. So many of my stay-home-mom friends have mentioned to me how tired they feel lately. We don't realize how hard we're pushing ourselves through the holidays. I feel much better now that I've slept!!!

2. Our house was filled with 9 adults and 11 kids yesterday! (I think our ground floor is about the size of my mom's master bathroom. Not kidding. Yep. It's the most crowded our house has ever been.) What a great way to spend Christmas Eve. These friends were like substitute aunts, uncles & cousins when we couldn't be with our family. We had the sweetest little nativity, games, lots and lots of food and the kids watched movies together.

3. Eli got to understand a little more about giving. Even though he told both Chris & Mia what he got them beforehand, it was still fun to help him shop for & wrap the gifts, then see his reaction to their recieving the gifts.

4. Christmas carols & hymns. We sang so many of them yesterday and throughout the month. Also, yesterday we lit candles and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. When the song got to the part, "Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus," everyone's voices got so reverent. I love the way the spirit whispers to you when you sing something you believe from your heart.

5. To feel loved & thought of. Our neighbors are so much more generous to us than we are to them. This year we gave them a Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas CD with a plate of goodies. There are 3 sets of them that are super generous. One had even moved away & we didn't even bring them the CD & goodies, but they have given Eli & Mia super nice toys every year and did this year as well! The 2 other sets of neighbors gave them nice outfits. Chris and I are always so surprised and touched.

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