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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Scheduled Child

Eli is a Man With An Agenda. He likes to schedule things with me hours and sometimes years in advance. "Can I watch TV when I'm 5?" "Can I have some eggnog when we get home?" "Can I have a cookie after I eat a good dinner?" "Can I play trains with Daddy when he gets home?" Maybe this is the effect of having a lot of outside activities (preschool, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, play dates) and why they say you don't want to over-schedule your child. Not necessarily because it's bad for the child, but because it drives the adult CRAZY!! It's his trick to get me to commit to something beforehand when I don't know all the circumstances that will be in place at that time. This week we've been on Christmas break from preschool, and every day Eli asks, "Where are we going today?" He wants me to COMMIT!!! First of all, can I have a minute to plan out my own day without my little A-Personality preschooler badgering me? And second of all, maybe I just want an unscheduled, spontaneous day for a change. It's exhausting.

5 Things I'm Thankful For:

  1. Getting photos and family updates in the mail by the ton during the Christmas season. I love it.
  2. Like Shrek, Chris isn't a messenger, he's a delivery boy. :) Sweet Chris has been going out with the kids to deliver all the holiday treats while I get stuff done at home. What a nice favor to me. What a great dad & husband.
  3. The health & safety of my family. They may be bugging me, but they are all here safe & sound. Not everyone, sadly, can say that.
  4. During this long delivery trip tonight, I've had some nice quiet time. There has been A LOT of screaming going on this week that the 2 kids have been together all day. It's Mia's way to deal with the sibling rivalry.
  5. Living the Gospel protects you physically as well as spiritually. I remember reading a quote (who was it by????) that said that even though calamities are foretold, being a righteous member of the church significantly decreases the likelihood of our being afflicted by accident or disaster, even though it may be happening all around us. I am a worrier. But this quote has given me a little more peace of mind ever since I read it. I wish I could find it to give you a link.

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