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Monday, December 4, 2006

I don't get it

Have any of you read Tolstoy? He is a classic, classic, classic author & I learned at stake conference that he is one of the stake president's favorites, but I am not enjoying the book I'm reading, Anna Karinina. Are there better books? I've never read anything by him before, but here is the depressing lame synopsis of what I've read so far in this book:

A guy named Stephan, brother of Anna is a big gigolo, totally cheats on his wife. His wife finds out about one of his affairs, and they call Anna to come visit them in Moscow to make things better between husband & wife. I'm half way through, and so far, Stephan is still a ladies man, not repentant, but loves his wife and they are now happily together, thanks to Anna patching things up somehow between them. So while Anna is there to make peace, she meets a guy named Vronski who had been leading on a girl named Katarina. Katarina thinks the marriage proposal is in the bag until she goes to a ball & Vronski falls in love with Anna who is married. Katarina is devastated (she is also the sister of Stephan's wife.) Katarina had just gotten done refusing another proposal from a guy named Levin. Katarina becomes sick and weak and doesn't get better for months.

Anna goes back to where she live in St. Petersburg, and Vronski follows her. Vronski totally pursues her and succeeds in pulling Anna away from her husband into a full-on blatant adulterous affair. Pretty much all of society is watching in disgust. Anna finally confesses everything to her husband, Alexei Alexandrovich. And guess what? She's pregnant with Vronski's child. So at first Alexei Alexandrovich wants to divorce her and leave her out on her franny. He's pretty intent on doing this until he comes home to Anna in labor with the illegitimate child (9 months later).

Anna had had a dream that she would die in child birth, and Vronski had the same dream. So they are convinced she will die. Everyone is crying and sobbing. Alexei Alexandrovich has a dramatic change of heart and forgives Anna and Vronski, too. Anna is begging for his forgiveness. Vronski goes home and shoots himself, but misses & doesn't die, to his dismay. And to Anna's dismay, she doesn't die, either. After she realizes she is going to live, she decided she still hates her husband and loves Vronski. So she and Vronski go on a multi-month long vacation in Europe. (With Alexei Alexandrovich's blessing & everything!)

Meanwhile, Levin & Katarina meet back up and realize they love each other and they get married. That's where I am. I am so confused why this is better than Days of Our Lives. Any Tolstoy fans want to defend this?

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