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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Already Back To The Daily Grind

What Eli has been doing: Drawing rockets, driving various toy motorcycles through the air, across the walls and occasionally on the floor, playing with his #2 favorite Christmas toy (#1 was a Buzz Lightyear motorcycle)-- a hotwheels race track where the car goes down a steep incline then loops the loop and jumps off a ramp. Yep, very exciting.

What Mia has been doing: Following Eli around to their play car (a bench), their secret hiding place (behind a door that becomes an enclosed space when another cabinet door is open), packing their Dora & Diego backpacks... and when Eli is not around, she reads herself books, feeds her dolls and puts them to bed (even gave one a bath the other day). She likes to drive cars around, too. On the ground or on the exciting hotwheels track.

What Chris has been doing: downloading podcasts, watching all the movies he got for Christmas.

What Natalie has been doing: Surprise, surprise- I've been cleaning. And not the type of cleaning where you feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards, but that mundane putting stuff away again and again and straightening again and again, etc. etc. ENADNUM (Mundane spelled backwards) almost spells AD NAUSEUM.

Question for you stay-home-moms: how do you keep from being bored to tears while doing all the mundane stuff?

5 Great Things About Today

  1. I went to the gym! Haven't been there in a while. It's nice to have plenty of time to stay there & not feel guilty about items not checked off the To Do List.
  2. It's been raining & my knee hasn't hurt at all!! (For those of you who don't know, I had ACL reconstructive surgery last August.)
  3. We had 3 less hours of sibling rivalry/screaming/whining/fighting today since Eli is in a gymnastics camp this week from 9 to 12.
  4. I even had time to make dinner, make my bed, watch a show and do a couple of sudokos.
  5. A low-fat, low-carb crockpot dinner where the meat tasted just like a Sunday pot roast.

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