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Friday, December 1, 2006

All I Want For Christmas

Tomorrow is the Craft Fair I'm participating in at Island Creek Elementary. Come check out my watercolors if you read this in time and you live in Virginia. :)

It's the age old question for me right now: how do you enjoy the holidays when there is so much to do? I think for me it is an adjustment in expectations. And a little give and take, probably, too. We see other families accomplishing seemingly a lot and we wonder what's wrong with us, but we are probably trading that in for something else that they are giving up, etc.

So here is how I wish the next month would go. (If mental sanity weren't an issue).

The ideal life would be having my whole house already decorated by now, having been all done since the day after Thanksgiving. Then spend December doing Christmas crafts with my kids every day, doing Secret Santa or 12 days of Christmas for people all throughout December, making amazing gourmet treats for all our friends and neighbors and actually delivering them to them before they leave to go out of town, having our family photo taken back in November when the leaves were so gorgeous and mailing out our Christmas card & letter like the first or 2nd week of December, then we would have a great Christmas party with all our friends before they leave to go out of town, magically it would be on a day that they didn't already have 10 other engagements. Then I would go Christmas shopping with each kid, giving them a chance to shop for their other sibling & parent, teaching them all about giving. And all my Christmas shopping would be done by... oh, Dec. 5th or so, staying way under budget and hitting the nail on the head with exactly what each person wanted & I wouldn't forget anyone!! Christmas Eve would arrive and I would cook an entire traditional Swedish Christmas dinner & teach my kids all about Swedish traditions (my dad was Swedish). Oh yeah, and somehow, my house would be sparking, gleaming clean the whole month.

The real story of how our December goes is going to be far from this, unfortuntely. So that's what I'd like for Christmas, Santa if you're listening. (Ha!)

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