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Friday, December 22, 2006

5 Things I'm Thankful For:

  1. Eli and Mia sat still & watched the entire Charlotte's Web movie!! WOW!!!!!! Woo hoo! They are almost old enough to take to movies! (Well, the popcorn, drinks & Mia's blanket were lifesavers, I have to admit.) It was a cute movie. I especially liked watching the animation where the spider is spinning her webs. With the beautiful music & animation, it really gave you a magical sense of awe and wonder about every-day spider webs.
  2. Referring to Laura's blog, true, true-- everyone I have met at a cashier during my shopping this week has been cheerful and kind. They should get bonuses.
  3. Stores were open until midnight tonight. If you ever feel like you're a lone in your Christmas stress, go to Walmart. Actually being in ToysRUs at 10 at night without kids was kind of fun.
  4. We had some great Italian food tonight at Carrabas with Charleen & the Liechtys. Eli and Mia went with and survived pretty well.
  5. I think I'm done Christmas shopping! It's not very early, but it still feels like a relief.

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