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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Would you like some caviar and fois gras with your turkey?

The wrong thing to do with someone on a diet is send them to a 5 star hotel Thanksgiving buffet! I haven't been this full since my mission! The pressure to eat and eat is unbelievable there in Finland (year round, not just on holidays!). Once I almost puked. Today I didn't puke, but I was in literal physical pain. I think since my teens or early 20s, I've gained a valuable wisdom about getting stuffed with food: It just isn't worth it.

But man, that food was amazing. We wanted to have people over to our house and we asked about 5 different people/families & we were turned down. No one invited us to their house, so we decided to eat out at a restaurant for our Thanksgiving dinner. A couple of years ago we did the same. Only then we ate at Great American Steak & Buffet, which should really be named Great American Slightly Better Than Hospital Food. So as we were looking around at the options, we realized this wasn't Utah. There was no Chuck-a-Rama and the places to go out and eat were either at upscale historical country mansions or hotels. Well, we picked a hotel. We went to the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner. If you really want a little glimpse, click here:

It actually turned out very nicely. We felt like Kings, Queens, Princes & Princesses. Can we make you a custom crepe? Can we serve up your french vegetables and asparagus rabe? Let me make your mashed potatoes, gravy & turkey look like a work of art on your plate. Would you like truffles, pumpkin tarte, key lime tart, Tarte Pierre, Pain Au Chocolat, or chocolate dipped strawberries? It wasn't too crowded & we had people serving us at every turn. They were so gracious about having kids there. OF COURSE we were the only family with kids, but people were ooohing & aaahing over them & Eli & Mia were miraculously well behaved. Mia did throw her cookie in her glass of water at the end, but that's nothing!

So at the end of the day, I am glad we went. We needed a little treat to nurse the pain of our homesickness. But Chris and I kind of felt sorry for the other people at the restaurant. Most of them were twosomes and really didn't even talk to each other. The loudest conversation I overheard was someone telling someone else all about his little kids at home. Amid the glitz & glamour, there was something blatantly lacking. We know we don't have to be surrounded by silver and fur coats to feel rich. The next time we are lucky enough to be surrounded by all our extended family and friends we will feel rich indeed.

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