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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What book has changed your life?

Our mailman thinks Chris and I are catalog and magazine junkies. He doesn't know we didn't ask for ANY of it! We get at LEAST 6-10 catalogs (I swear I am not exaggerating for entertainment's sake) per day and I don't even look at them. I get the mail outside & before it goes in the house all the catalogs, ads & credit card solicitations go in the trash. The only ones we legitimately are subscribed to are Ensign, Church News (but I had to stop the Church News because I just can't keep up with reading the current issue) and LDS Living. I have been known to buy Washingtonian from the newstands occasionally, and on the rarer occasions, Martha Stewart Living. Chris gets a couple of business & sports magazines from using frequent flier miles. And I guess BYU sends us alumni magazines which we enjoy.

Well, now for some reason we've been getting tons of full fledged magazines for free. Chris and I have had to go out and buy 2 magazine racks for our bathrooms in hopes that we'll have time to flip through and enjoy them before they pile up and are 3 years old. I've gotten Allure for a couple of years for free. Now they're ("they"... I really don't know who "they" is) sending me Woman's Day for free, Real Simple has been appearing in the mail box the past three months, and also People magazine. I'm not much of a celebrity gossip, so I usually throw the People out with the ads & the catalogs. But I thumbed through it today and I really liked the overall theme. They were talking about what book has changed your life.

I think they probably purposely left out those answers where the Bible or Book of Mormon was the book that most changed someone's life. That's a given for me & most of you reading this. But I have a great relationship with books & I thought it was a nice tribute to them that most of the whole People issue was about that. I have loved belonging to Book Club in this ward and my previous ward and it has really filled a void. During college and law school I had a pretty valid excuse that I was too busy to read for pleasure and my gosh, I was already reading my eyes out. But when I say fill a void, I can't tell you how great it feels to have Book Club where you can feel smart for a few minutes after you deal with toddlers all day.

So I am officially plugging Book Club. I haven't gotten my copy yet, but for December, we are reading The Enoch Letters by Neal A. Maxwell. I can't wait. November we were supposed to have read Wild Swans (see the link to the left). I almost have it finished & what an eye opener! I grew up in the 80s during the cold war & I was fascinated with communism. You saw tons of movies & heard a ton about Russian communism, but I had never learned about communism in China and how devastating it was. The book is about Mao's dictatorship and how it affected the author's grandmother, her mother and her own life.

I can't pick just any one book (beside holy writ) that has changed my life the most, but I do know that just being a reader (of intelligent thoughtful literature) has made me who I am today. Please, I hope that lack of attendance at Book Club won't make it dwindle away! I love Book Club & need it in my life to exercise those brain muscles that toddlers eat away at like acid. Plug, plug, plug. I hope to see a lot of you at Book Club Dec. 21st at 7:00. :)

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