Something Beautiful or Humorous: Apples that Eli painted

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Not too much drama

I got my haircut today. It doesn't look much different. But I thought I'd post a picture. Little Mia needs a haircut, too. I got my haircut at Eclips salon and I think I'll take Mia to Eclips Kids in the next week or so, too.

Poor Chris didn't have a very good day. Under his watch, Mia took a little swim in the toilet, Eli opened a birthday present that wasn't meant for him but for a friend of ours, and Eli got dark blue paint all over our white carpet & stained the dining room table & chairs. :( But I think BYU's win against U of U just made up for all the frustrations of his day. Wow! Go BYU!

So after my post yesterday, I'm sure you're all in suspense about whether the scales went down or not. And the answer is...........................: I stayed the same. Sigh. I guess the experts say that is a realistic goal to just maintain instead of lose when you're on vacation or during the holidays. So you have to come to realize that the big drama like Biggest Loser doesn't happen in real life when you're not living on a weight loss ranch. It's going to be much more subtle. Like I say- a lot of hard work & very little to show for it. But it's still a worthy goal and I am hanging in there albeit by the skin of my teeth.

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