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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nice "Me" Day Today

I had a really good day today. I didn't realize this until I looked back on it tonight, but it was a great little "me" day. I took Eli to preschool, then took Mia to a drop-off play group and went to the mall to get my make-up done. I was running out of some things and I decided I wanted to sit down & get made up so I could get some updated colors & stuff. After that I picked up Mia & Eli, they went home & took naps. I was able to read and take a little nap, too. After dinner, I went to the gym and had a nice work out and a nice bath afterwards. I feel great! :)

How weird am I that I posted a picture of my eye on my blog. Well, it's my blog & I can do anything I want, right?

I was hoping that the picture would show the *purple* eyeshadow that the makeup artist at MAC put on my eyes! I looked like a clown afterward. But froom this picture it looks like I don't even have any eye makeup on. Weird. And I should have totally photoshopped it so looks like I have no wrinkles or dark circles. :) Dang. Why didn't I think of that earlier? Now that I look at it, those flaws are looking worse & worse. No, I promise this isn't an ad for before & after for eye cream or something. (This would be the before picture, of coure.) It's really my eye. Gotta stop going to bed at midnight & 1:00 a.m. I guess.

So at MAC, the purple looked grey and I ended up buying it. What was she thinking? Purple and brown. So now do I take the grey/purple back to the store or do I keep it and try wearing it in a more conservative way?


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