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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Let's Talk TV

Ok, I now think that the 6-10 catalogs a day estimate was a little low. Today we got 16 catalogs, 1 ad brochure and another People magazine. That's not too far above average. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

Ok. So we've talked books, let's talk TV shows. What do you like? As far as daytime, I'm proud to say I've never, never, never been into soaps. Even the little teaser commercials bring contention into the house. Yuck! In the morning I like Martha Stewart (really, I love her show. It makes her seem so real & like a really kind person, too & I love the close peeks you get about how her real life functions & what her real house looks like... It's like you can watch the show & just daydream.). I also like Ellen. Her show is great. It is just as funny as David Letterman, who I've loved for years. It's like Pepsi or Coke- David Letterman or Jay Leno. Letterman all the way!! :) Chris will often watch Ellen with me at night because I Tivo it. The View is great because I've been a long time fan of Rosie O'Donnell & it's nice to hear her humor out there on a talk show again.

As far as DIY, I'm a geek & Tivo a few shows like What Not to Wear, Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee (from food network I love Rachel Ray and Paula Deen, too. But I don't Tivo), and DIY Scrapbooking. Oh- the Queen of Clean has her own show on DIY, too. Kind of interesting, because I have all her books. In the afternoon, Oprah has had a much better season this year (I hate those shows that are all about the cheating husbands, etc.). Same with Dr. Phil. Sometimes he has some really entertaining shows when it's not about child abuse or adultery.

Primetime. I pretty much only do reality shows. The main reason is that I can't start watching shows prefaced with, "viewer content advised" or whatever it is. There are a lot of drama type shows out there that I think I might like, but I just can't put up with the offensive crap that's interspersed with the genuinely good plots, etc. The reality stuff we watch is not the offensive stuff. It's Amazing Race (didn't you love Kentucky Mary & David? Don't you hate the Beauty Queens? Now there's no one left that we like that we are routing for...), Survivor (Candace & Adam --- blech!!!!!!! We're routing for Yul & we love Becky, too. AND we love Ozzy. He is amazing. It's totally entertaining to watch him!), Biggest Loser (Go Heather from Utah! And I love, love, love Bob Harper. Wouldn't you love him as your personal trainer?). Then when the seasons switch, we also enjoy Apprentice & American Idol. All these shows are the true main reason we have Tivo (well, really the DVR digital cable thing).

Do you watch any news regularly? I think most of it is totally exaggerated & over-sensational and also really get ill over murder stories, etc. I just don't need to hear about it at all. My family used to watch 60 Minutes together and then America's Funniest Videos. I still think those are great shows.

I will never miss episodes of the primetime stuff, but for the other stuff, that's why TiVo is so great. It saves a week or 2 of all the daytime TV that I can just turn on & watch whenever for a few minutes here & there while I fold clothes or eat lunch, etc. (LEST YOU THINK I WATCH 17 HOURS OF TV A DAY), then erases the oldest so I don't have the pile up syndrome that I have with all these blasted magazines. Can you imagine if I felt like I needed to look through every catalog????

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Andrea said...

I can't believe LOST isn't listed here! It's the only show I watch and I am counting down until February when new episodes begin again!! We don't have cable or TiVo so I guess I'm out of the loop :)