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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lessons on Saying No

I can't say "No." Seriously, if I wasn't typing, it would be hard for me. Just say it, Natalie, "N... N.... N..." I CAN'T!! Ok. Here's how you do it. Put your tongue on the back of your teeth and make the "n" sound. Then round your mouth and make the "o" sound. Try it with me. "NO" "N.... N.... N..." Ridiculous.

Around the holidays I am especially feeling the crunch of overcommitment. I am selling my watercolor painting & cards, I am trying to be a wife and a mom, I am trying to have a large calling at church, be a fabulous visiting teacher, give to every Christmas charity, feed the missionaries, keep in touch with friends, keep up the holiday traditions, decorate, cook, clean, buy Christmas presents, keep on a budget, be on weight watchers and while doing all of this still be nice to everyone????!!

You'd think I'd see the light and want some relief and therefore say no to some stuff. Well, it's a sickness or something. My mom keeps warning me that this over achieving syndrome will will really inflict its injury later in my life when I look back and go, "Where did Eli & Mia's childhoods go?" I know it's true & it makes me ill.

For those of you who don't have this sickness & can teach me something, let me ask: What BABYSTEPS can I take to get rid of some unnecessary commitments? Or how can I train my mind to realize what is necessary and what is not? I'm not going to figure it out overnight, but I just need a babystep or two. Any insights?


Anonymous said...

I have had this exact same problem. The one thing that I learned is that you just have to say no. Hard as it is at first, just say it. Since Terry has been gone, it has become a lot easier to say no because I just don't have the time or energy. But him being gone has really put it into perspective that I just need to be there for my family in stressful times. Gaining a family first attitude really has made the difference for me. Hope that helps!

anniedc said...

I don't like to say "No" either but I know I've told you "No" several times so obviously I can do it even if I don't like to :) It's all about focusing on the most important things - family and your own personal well-being - and if saying yes affects those things negatively, you can't afford to do them. And you don't always have to give a reason - I'm sure you've heard every excuse in the book in your calling. "I'm sorry I can't help this time" is sufficient! How's that for a pep talk??