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Monday, November 27, 2006

I Want A New Hoooooooouuuuuuuse

Usually, there is no whining allowed, but about this, I just have to. So here's the story: Eli usually watches TV in the morning before I wake up. For whatever reason, he just hasn't felt like going upstairs to the bathroom to pee. Well, I just found out today that he has been peeing on the back porch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent a good couple of hours hosing it down and cleaning and scrubbing the cement with washing fluid that you use to clean the siding of your house with our outdoor broom and scrubbing brush. All this because we don't have a bathroom on the ground floor.

Our house is so small! We don't even have a basement. So that means the playroom is the laundry room is the dining room. Lovely. And the toys are always all over the place VISIBLE to people & you just can't keep them put away when you are (or aren't) expecting company.

Our kitchen is a One-Butt-Kitchen. I feel like we need more like an Eleven-Butt-Kitchen. The kids want to help cook or watch, make cookies, etc. Not possible. It's a One-Butt-Kitchen. People want to help us with dishes if we have people over. Nope. No room. Chris and I get into fights because we are trying to help each other cook dinner & I go into the dining room/toy room/laundry room to our extra freezer covered with a table cloth to get the shrimp for example. I come back and I can't get into the kitchen for 20 minutes because the Chris has the fridge open loooking for cherry tomatoes & it blocks the doorway to the kitchen I love to cook & it's just going to be so nice if we ever get a house with a bigger kitchen!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nat,

Totally understand.... years of stuff in boxes from the last house. Happy for our new house...

Cute hair by the way!

Love ya!