Something Beautiful or Humorous: Apples that Eli painted

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I have been the mean wicked witch of the west (east) to my kids today. I sent Eli to take a nap & told him he couldn't get up until his dad got home. He did stay there until Chris got home, & when I came down, Eli was with Chris & said, "Mom, I hope you are feeling better." It just melted my heart. Because I've been mean to everyone & because tomorrow's Thanksgiving, I think I will list what I'm thankful about each member of my poor abused family.

Chris: Here's a confession about my past for those of you who don't know me well: before Chris I dated mostly jerks that didn't treat me very well. Chris is a living testimony that Heavenly Father loves me. He didn't let me marry a jerk. I'm thankful for his kindness. I'm thankful that he is always respectful & polite to me. I'm thankful for his loyalty. I'm thankful for his hard work for our family. I've always said that he is Atlas. He holds up the whole world for us.

Eli: I am thankful for his resilience. Now I know why in my adulthood my mom has apologized to me more than once for not being a perfect mom. I was the oldest, the trial run. Eli is the guinea pig, and I'm thankful for his sweet innocent forgiveness. I'm thankful for his willingness to learn when we have family home evening, or read the Friend magazine. He drinks it in like a sponge. He is such a gentle spirit.

Mia: When I found out she was a girl, I was in the ultrasound room all by myself and I was overwhelmed with joy. I had the most powerful feeling that she was going to be a blessing to our family. I'm thankful that she loves to laugh and loves to cuddle. She is my beautiful sun ray.

I love you, Chris, Mia & Eli! Extended Family, I love you, too. I will miss you tomorrow during Thanksgiving!

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anniedc said...

Catching up on your blog, I love reading it! Your thankful lists are so sweet. I have to tell you, I did the same thing with Nick one day, I was so frustrated, I made him stay in his room until his dad got home, but when Shawn heard about this, he left work immediately, he was so worried!!