Something Beautiful or Humorous: Apples that Eli painted

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Chris and I are both Capricorns. Basically in a nutshell that means we have Bossy and Stubborn living under the same roof. Our friends, the Richards, laughed and laughed when they heard this. They said, "How on earth do you get anything done?" It's true.

So I think that a bunch of the bossiness and stubborness is rubbing off on our kids. Since Eli is oldest, it's easier to see the traits, good and bad that he is developing. Yikes- it hurts when you see your child imitating your faults.

Ok, fine. Eli is bossy. At times. Sigh.

Eli tells Mia where to sit, where not to sit, where not to stand, yells at her to come play with him in whatever room, points out after everything she says that she's said it wr0ng. (Ay yay yay, this happes a lot- she's 2! She doesn't pronounce many things perfectly!) But he's stubborn, too! Oh my gosh- in the CAR is the worst!! It's like Bill Cosby's whole comedy routine about his kids. "He touched me!" "Will you stop touching me?!" And making all these unbearable NOISES! (Folks, I don't think this is a Capricorn thing, but it is unfortunately a Chris thing.) Imitating everything from toilets flushing to the songs that the most annoying toys play.

Eli's not a capricorn & I don't believe in astrology, but I just wanted to give us a break with all the pressure of being a parent and being this role model that these poor kids follow for better or worse. I wanted to talk about maybe some positive traits that Eli might have gleaned from us. Capricorns like to follow the rules. Eli has gotten glowing reports from his primary teachers that he is the best & most well behaved in his class. (Sorry to anyone with a Sun Beam reading this) :) But let's hope that somehow some way he learned it from his parents. Capricorns are enthusiastic. Eli also gets an A+ in this area. I thought it was the cutest thing yesterday when he asked if tomorrow was the Thanksgiving Feast in his class. I said yes and he starts going "YES!" "ALL RIGHT!!!!!!" and jumping all over the house. I love that enthusiasm and it reminds me of my youth.

Being a parent is the hardest thing I've ever done. Let's just hope that there is some mercy and miraculous grace that God has out there that helps out kids of bossy & stubborn parents and makes up for their mistakes & shortcomings.

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